HuzzahCon 2014 – Wargaming Recon #112

HuzzahCon 2014

Special guest Dean Emmerson is a member of the Maine Historical Wargamers Association, which organizes HuzzahCon in Portland, Maine. He joins the episode to share why you need to attend HuzzahCon 2014. Some of the highlights are shared. Dean and Jonathan discuss great places to eat in Portland, Maine.

The duo express their love for the Boston Trained Bands gaming club along with the many individuals and companies that make Huzzah a success.

Wargaming Recon previously covered HuzzahCon in:

  1. Ep 54: Huzzah Con Prep
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  3. HUZZAH 2012

Want to stay current with Huzzah?

  1. Official website
  2. Facebook page
  3. Facebook discussion group

Don’t forget to peruse Dean’s online book and toy store: BrigadiersBookshelf

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Wargaming Recon #111: How Jonathan Became a Wargamer

How Jonathan Became a Wargamer

Listener Andrew submitted a question on Facebook asking how Jonathan got into wargaming. In this episode Jonathan answers. The tale begins with Warhammer 40k, touches down at War at Sea, then finishes with Henry Hyde and historical wargaming.

Stone Ape Podcast

Listener Andrew’s question on our Facebook page:

I dabbled in GAMES WORKSHOP as a teenager, but was turned-off the hobby by all the cheating and arguments. Then university friends got me addicted to FULL THRUST, a spaceship wargame. Since then I moved into DBA, and heavily into FLAMES OF WAR. I’ve dabbled in a lot of rules and periods, but I prefer rules that are fast yet realistic.

How did you get into wargaming?

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Wargaming Recon #110: Meet the Mythwits Podcast

Meet the Mythwits Podcast

Featured guest Peter “Blix” Bryant discusses the Mythwits podcast. This live video podcast is his newest endeavor in the field of gaming and geekdom.

The pair chat about TotalCon and podcasting. Blix gives an update on his successful Kickstarter project for Rogue Chess. Jonathan announces that he will be a future guest on the Mythwits podcast to discuss wargaming.

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Wargaming Recon #109: TotalCon 2014

TotalCon 2014

Didn’t make it to TotalCon 2014? Don’t worry, you can walk in Jonathan’s shoes by listening to this episode.

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TotalCon 2014 Coverage Coming Soon

Don’t worry. Our coverage of TotalCon 2014 is coming soon. Until it does here’s a photo of how we ended the con this year.

TSR legend Tim Kask with Wargaming Recon's  Jonathan J. Reinhart in the green room at TotalCon 2014.
TSR legend Tim Kask with Wargaming Recon’s Jonathan J. Reinhart in the green room at TotalCon 2014.

Wargaming Recon #108 1/2: Jonathan’s TotalCon 2014 Schedule

Jonathan’s TotalCon 2014 Schedule

Are you going to TotalCon 2014? Jonathan shares his schedule. If you’re going to the con please say hi if you see Jonathan.

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