Latinian Expansion – Battle of Pons Meltior


Latinia Major wasted no time in sending its forces into Onzijdigian territory. Legio II under the command of Aulus Appia proceeded south from the city of Flovios and crossed the border.

Several cohorts paved the way into enemy held lands. They marched for several hours before coming to a bridge known as Pons Meltior. It was the only crossing for miles capable of supporting the entire legion.

Advance scouts warned of enemy forces in the vicinity. With that information in hand the three cohorts bravely crossed the bridge. The legionaries watched the tree line prepared to repulse an attack at any moment. Surprisingly none came.

I, II, and III Cohors Appia continued their march when a glint of metal reflected from the trees. Onzijdigian cavalry were hidden in the trees.


In belief of a sure victory the legionaries marched in battle formation into the trees. The I Onzi Onzijdigian cavalry recoiled in surprise. A game of cat and mouse ensued where the cavalry tried to escape. Instead of getting away they were boxed in by the trees and the Latinian cohorts’ classic pincer movement.

With their line of retreat cut off the I Onzi had no choice but to attempt a desperate charge. Commander Marcus Odopius of the I Onzi hesitated several heart beats too long. Aulus Appia’s three cohorts threw their pila to deadly effect.


A smattering of horses were struck by the deadly weapons in their breastplates. One rider’s femur shattered as a pilum nailed him to his mount. Then the Latinian cohorts charged!

After a quick and bloody battle the day was theirs! Despite suffering 72% casualties to his I Onzi cavalry, Commander Marcus Odopius fled the battle with a retinue of seven.

Latinian losses were light. The first cohort suffered no losses. The second received 12% and the third cohort only had 5% casualties. At the end of the day II Cohors Appia stood 422 men strong and III Cohors Appia 456 strong.

Once the rest of Legio II arrived it would be ready in case Hammilar Mineraller sent troops to defend its friend. Cautious by nature Aulus Appia didn’t like to be surprised. He would make his legion prepared for all eventualities. For now the men could celebrate the day’s victory…after they constructed a temporary camp.

Latinium in Flames!


Ancient Latinium is home to three venerable nations. Populous Latinia Major covers half the realm with a significant populace of over 1 million souls. To the east its neighbor Hamillar Mineraller contains riches of diamonds, iron, and rubies. Wedged into the southern border intersecting the two is tiny Onzijdigia.

Onzijdigia contains little of value except its borders extend across a large swathe of the river Aegyptus. Aegyptus is the primary trade highway connecting many of Latinia Major’s cities with its capitol.

Decades of negotiation passed between the giant Latinia Major and its petite neighbor to the south to no conclusion. During this time Hammilar Mineraller and Onzijdigia bolstered their friendship. Hammilar’s senate does not wish to see its rival, Latinia, gain a foothold anywhere. Where Latinia benefits Hammilar does not.

In the latest negotiations Latinia Major’s envoy, Arcturus Secondus, issued an ultimatum. Onzijdigia would cede half its land, including the site of its capitol, to Latinia or it would face the consequences. The Onzijdigians had no choice but to refuse!

Latinia Major’s legions amass on the borders of its tiny neighbor. Citizens in both Hammilar and Onzijdigia hold their breath in anticipation of what is sure to come.

Thus sets the stage for the War of Latinian Expansion. Using Henry Hyde’s Wars of the Faltenian Succession compilation (3.5 GBP $5.99 USD) as a guide I set out to once more try my hand at an imagi-nation campaign.

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Kickstarter for Wargamers – Wargaming Recon #118

Kickstarter for Wargamers

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website that can help games to be produced, which would otherwise not see the light of day. Behind this image exists a danger that all wargamers need to be aware of. When properly handled Kickstarter can be hugely powerful for all involved.

Jonathan shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of Kickstarter. If we didn’t cover one of your favorite Kickstarter projects, then please share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail at

Jonathan’s Kickstarter Backer History

Bad Kickstarter Projects

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Great Wargamer Destinations – Wargaming Recon #117

Yorktown battlefield sign

Great Wargamer Destinations

Summer is a time to relax and go on vacation. Why not also gather some inspiration for wargaming to boot?

Jonathan shares a few of his favorite wargamer destinations. If we didn’t cover one of your’s, then please share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail at

Scale Military Modeller International
The June 2014 issue is briefly, very briefly, reviewed. It is worth picking up if you can. The cost is 4.25 GBP. Visit Scale Military Modeller International for more information.

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Age of Empires 2 HD – Wargaming Recon #116


Age of Empires 2 HD

Almost 20 years ago Microsoft released one of the most incredible real time strategy (RTS) computer games ever. More recently they updated and optimized the classic Age of Empires (AoE) 2 to work on modern computers. Age of Empires 2 HD is quite a game.

For a limited time you can purchase it for $2.49 (regularly $9.99) via Steam. If you do, be sure to look us up on Steam. Our username is WargamingRecon. We’d love to game with you and relive the days of hearing “Monk…I need a monk” and “Long time no siege” while playing Age of Empires.

We apologize that our scheduled guest, Steven MacLauchlan, does not appear in this episode. He needed to cancel for personal reasons. We’re working to reschedule him to come on an episode sometime in September 2014.

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1775 the Boardgame – Wargaming Recon #115

1775: Rebellion by Academy Games

1775 the Boardgame

Some games are so good that they grip you from the very beginning. 1775: Rebellion by Academy Games is one such game. If you can’t get it near you why not pick up a copy from our Amazon affiliate link: Buy 1775: Rebellion by Academy Games.

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