CWF’s Rebirth

After a 2+ year and 37,000+ post run the Chromiates Wargaming Forums has closed its doors. It has closed them on its near 700 members with a heavy heart. A decline in activity and time has forced this decision.

But, out of its ashes the CWF Game Discussions Blog is risen. Why a blog? A blog format is easier to run and maintain from an administrative point of view. Additionally, it is quicker to update and relies less on a broad base of extensive user activity. Obviously we want you to post comments to our articles. But, it is up to our authors to make posts that are informative, fun, and regularly supplied.

Our motto is, “You play it, We discuss it.” That’s the truth. If you play it, we’ll discuss it. We have authors who will discuss the difficulty in getting in a game, the costs of gaming, mainstream miniatures game, online gaming, flash games, video games, and everything in between. We don’t claim to know it all but if we don’t have an answer we’ll find it out.

We brought along some of the gang from the CWF Forums and we’ll have some new friends along the way. We hope you’ll join us and that you’ll join in with comments of your own. Like CWF Forums, CWF Game Discussions is owned and operated by BLEE! Inc.
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