CWF-2006-08-31 Solo-Cast w/ Tomb Kings & Listener Feedback

This is our last Solo-Cast before Angron joins the show, I promise. We are talking about Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings and Listener Feedback. We’ve also discontinued the “how many times did he say uh” game due to lack of funniness and participation. If we had a suitable car crash sound we’d play that here.

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1) Theme, Zombie by Devin Anderson (Electronic)

2) Thursday August 31, 2006, CWF Game Discussions Podcast, Welcome, name, Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings, Listener Feedback
3) Discuss Starting Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings

Tomb Kings Website @ GW Forum

Tutankhanut Conversion @ CWF

Khemri Board @ Librarium Online

Listener Feedback

“Quality good but avoid those pauses and dead air.”

“Stop saying uhh.”

“You seem really focused on Warhammer Fantasy. Diversify a little.”

“You have a great speaking voice, I love listening to it.”

“Very informative and accessible.”

“I’m intrigued by your take on 7th edition Fantasy. Can’t wait to hear more.”

“I want more 40k!”

“Liven things up a bit more and try to relax a little more too.”
“I love the music, it is very sci-fi and gets me in the mood.”

“The quickcast on video gaming was awesome. I’d love to hear more like it.”
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6) Discuss Dark Age Games

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8) Closing comments, next cast will be a Duo-Cast w/^Raven^ & Angron on September 3, 2006.

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11) Exit Theme, Pop Science by Devin Anderson (Electronic)

Next cast will be a Duo-Cast w/^Raven^ & Angron on September 3, 2006..