Foray into Tomb Kings w/ Tutankhanut Conversion

Greetings guys and gals!

As most of you won’t know I’m really into Warhammer Fantasy. I have several armies, all listed on our About Team CWF page, and I want to start another. I chose the Tomb Kings.

When I started Vampire Counts, I field an Army of Sylvania group, I vowed to customize and convert my models. The Undead beg it and Tomb Kings are no different. I want to have a spectacular model to use as a Tomb King on foot, and I can also mount him in a chariot too, when I came across an article in Black Gobbo 31.

The article is the first in their Fleshing Out Series and it tackles the Tomb Kings special character Tutankhanut. Page 65 of the army book gives a brief blurb on the character. There’s no rules for him but I love what I read. He’s clearly based on Tutankhamen (Nebkheperure) down to the gilded mask and I had to make him mine.

You can see the finished product at left for what GW did. I aim to replicate this. To complete the conversion we need some important bitz.

Bitz (Name, Part #, Cost)

Eldar Guardian Sprue: 99380104001 $10
Tomb King Skeleton Sprue: 99380207003 $5
Tomb Kings Casket Vultures: 020711611 $2
Necron Destroyer Lord Staff 1: 011001604 $2
Lord Settra Arm Sprue: 020711001 $1
Lord Settra’s Body: 020711002 $10
Lord Settra Staff Arm: 020711003 $2
As you can see we don’t need a lot of bitz and this is mainly a part swap conversion. Total cost for bitz is just $32. Not too bad.

Photos of the necessary bitz are shown at right.

Whatever I can’t do myself will be done by my friend Steve, he’s a guest host of our podcast. We’ll keep you up to date on this conversion.

If you have any conversions you’d like to share let us know! You can post photos of the completed conversion to this post.

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