CWF-2006-09-03 Duo-Cast w/Andy Chambers’ Thoughts on Starship Troopers Change; Dark Age Games Too!

This is our first Duo-Cast with Angron, I promise. We are talking about Dark Age Games and the new direction of Starship Troopers. We also have to apologize for the echo when ^Raven^ speaks.

There was a problem with the file and Angron provided a backup, that unfortunately had the echo due to inferior British engineering. We jest about the last part, seriously, but Angron did provide the backup.

We hope to have this fixed for the next Duo-Cast.

Also, Andy Chambers offers some comments on the change with Starship Troopers through Angron (they talked via instant messenger). We hope to have an actual podcast interview with Mr. Chambers in the future.

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Next cast will be a Solo-Cast w/Jonathan on Thursday, September 7, 2006.