Warvault Goes Down, Hackers Triumph….or Do They?

Warvault Owner, Angron, announced today that Warvault has experienced downtime caused by hackers exploiting a hole in PHP.

The exploitation has allowed the hackers to run their own software. In defense Warvault’s web hosting company has closed the site down until a fix is implemented.

The Warvault team is hard at work to fix this issue. They’ve asked for YOUR help! Here’s how:

If you are an experienced coder with time enough to perhaps throw your hand in to examine what exactly has gone wrong here and the means with which to help us repair it, please, get in touch. Same goes for knowing a coder of being able to put us in touch with one!

Angron also said, “I have noticed worryingly erronous vote patterns for a few, unnamed, sites. If you are the owner of this site and are aware that there is something wrong, or indeed are exploiting a hole in Evo Topsites in order to up your vote count, own up.” He promises that he won’t ban the site that owns up. He just wants to get Warvault back on its feet.

If you can either help or know someone who can please contact Angron at contact@warvault.net.

If you know who the hackers are please contact Angron at contact@warvault.net.

If you are a hacker exploiting Warvault, please stop and grow up.