Mongoose Publishing Founder & Owner, Alex Fennell, to Visit Danger Planet

Straight from the Danger Planet Games newsletter we have some exciting news! Alex Fennell, owner and founder of Mongoose Publishing, will be visiting Danger Planet Games in October.

He will be discussing their new game, Starship Troopers Evolution, at the store. Danger Planet, as you will recall, is owned by Brian Lasiewski who is former Sales & Marketing Director for Mongoose Publishing.

In their newsletter Danger Planet has stated

On Saturday October 7th Mongoose Publishing founder and owner Alex Fennell will be at Danger Planet to answer questions and provide intro games for Starship Troopers Evolution. Following the previous two years of the game’s history this will be the first major update of the game’s core rules. Be on hand to play and see how your army stacks up under the revised system. See prototypes of upcoming releases and get your questions answered directly from Mongoose Publishing! Alex will also likely be able to provide a great deal of information pertaining to MGP’s other popular games including Babylon 5: A Call to Arms, RuneQuest, and their upcoming Battlefield Evolution. It’s the British invasion of Danger Planet, don’t miss out!

If you can’t be there don’t worry!  Our very own Jonathan J. Reinhart, aka ^Raven^, will be at the store to ask questions and get the 411.

If you have questions you want to ask Alex Fennell, owner of Mongoose Publishing, about the new game or any of MGP’s other games let us know!

All you have to do is contact us with your questions and Jonathan will do his best to get answers.