Battle for Medusa V Over – Victors Declared

Recently Games Workshop released the conclusion to its 40k Summer Campaign the Battle for Medusa V.

The conclusion states that, as suspected, the Imperial Guard and Space Marines win…yet again. Yawn

More interesting is the information that over 60 thousand gamers participated and played more than 92 thousand games to decide the outcome. That’s 1.5 games per gamer. Logistically this is impressive because the campaign was worldwide. Collating and keeping track of everything in such an endeavor is a nightmare. The coordinators deserve a round of applause for doing as good a job as they did.

Who Lost?

Who Lost?

We know the IG and Marines won but who lost? Obviously almost everyone else lost. However, based on reading the faction reports I gotta say that GW really bu****ed the Tyranids. They’re made fun of, more or less, and it is amusing. However, there’s one thing I’ve learned in life and that’s don’t make fun of a bug unless you’re prepared for it to come back swinging. Wait, sorry I confused bug with tough people who can kick my butt.

Point is the Tyranids lost big and as a Tau player I’m happy. I’m sad we lost, too, but we didn’t lose as bad as the Tyranids. Plus, it’d be horrid to face off against that new strain of bugs.

I Wanna Read the Results!

Head on over to Medusa V Conclusion @ GW for all the results. At the bottom of that screen you can get results for individual factions.