CWF-2006-09-17 Duo-Cast w/ Tale of X Gamers & Editorial on Games Workshop Codices

This is our first Duo-Cast with guest co-host Steve. It is also the first cast that uses our brand new field equipment and is our first on air interview. We used a special sci-fi-esque sound effect during the interview. Let us know what you think of it. We may or may not repeat it next time we cast from the field.

We talk about our Tale of X Gamers and postulate on Games Workshop’s Codices/Army Books and their “flavor of the month” approach.

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6) Interview with Steve (Tale of X Gamers and GW Codices)

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8) Closing comments, next cast will be a Solo-Cast w/^Raven^ on September 21, 2006.

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Next cast will be a Solo-Cast w/^Raven^ on September 21, 2006.