CWF Sponsored RPG Night @ Battleground Games

CWF’s very own Steve is running a RPG Night at Battleground Games in Abington, Mass.

He will be running this on Friday evenings, 8 or 9pm, in Battleground’s exclusive RPG room (seen below). It is a toss up between Stargate SG-1 and Dungeons & Dragons. He is looking for interested gamers in the South Shore area to contact him and sign up. YOU get to choose what game is played.

So far there are 3 confirmed players, including your’s truly, and at least 5 people are needed.

Be sure to contact Steve if you’re interested. E-mail him at or IM him on AIM at wolfyugo. Be sure to tell him it is about his RPG and that you found out about it here.

We look forward to gaming with you.