CWF-2006-10-01 Solo-Cast w/ MiniPainters Contest, Alex Fennell from MGP, and Guitar Hero 2

This solo-cast is with Jonathan. Today we discuss the MiniPainters Contest, Alex Fennell from MGP, and Guitar Hero 2. We also have some tunes for you too! Near the end of the cast in the Feedback section we use 1 swear and 1 medical term for a male organ. If that will offend you we suggest that you skip over that part that starts at 29:29 and ends at 29:50.
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1) Theme, Zombie by Devin Anderson (Electronic)

2) Sunday October 1, 2006, CWF Game Discussions Podcast, Welcome, name, MiniPainters Contest, Alex Fennell from MGP, and Guitar Hero 2.

3) Music to Game By

Check out the rock song “First Date” by Janko Jones and get in the mood for Guitar Hero 2.

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6) Discuss MiniPainters Contest

MiniPainters Announces Contest Prizes @ CWF
Painting Contest @ Minipainters

Minipainters Official Website

7) Alex Fennell from MGP Update
Mongoose Publishing Founder and Owner, Alex Fennell, to Visit Danger Planet @ CWF

CWF to Interview Mongoose Publishing Owner Alex Fennell @ CWF

8) Promote Danger Planet Games

9) Guitar Hero 2

CWF-2006-09-10 Solo-Cast w/ WFB 7th Ed Review, Guitar Hero, & Warvault Hacking @ CWF

Guitar Hero 2 Interview @ IGN

10) Recent Blogging

Tale of X-Gamers update October 1st

TXG Tau for the Greater Good Update October 1st

Warseer Dice? September 30th

Zombie Night Fight is Coming September 30th

Danger Planet Sands of Time 40k Mega Battle September 30th

CWF Stargate SG-1 RPG Update September 30th

11) Closing comments, next cast will be on October 5, 2006.

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Next cast will be on October 5, 2006.