Necron Army List – 2000 pts Coming At You!

Steve finally sucked me into another 40k army.  This is of course the Necrons!  Looking at it now it only seems natural as I play every Undead army for WFB I may as well play the undead army for 40k.

1 lord with orb & veil of darkness = 200pts.
3 squads of 15 warriors = 810pts.
1 monolith = 235pts.
1 unit of immortals = 280.
3 heavy destroyers = 195.
2 tomb spyders = 110 (w/ the staff of light instead of 2nd claw for both).
2 wraiths = 82.
5 bases of scarabs & disrupt fields for 1 swarm = 80.
total = 1996

This gives me 1 HQ, 1 Elite, 3 Troops, 2 Fast Attack, and 3 Heavy Support.

My intention is for the lord to support the rank and file. The scarabs will race up and try to hold up the enemy rank and file and/or go after the tanks. The monolith will spew out additional warriors, if I keep any in reserve, and support them. The immortals will work with the lord to target high priority targets. heavy destroyers will be the brunt of anti-tank ability while the wraiths and spyders try to assault from the flanks.

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