Upcoming Podcast Topics

The world of gaming has a lot of topics to discuss and investigate. At the CWF Game Cast we hope to do our best in tackling them and bringing them to you. We do this with our blog, internet radio, and podcasts.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be weighing in on numerous gaming issues since our recent break. We thought it’d be nice to give you a sneak peek on some of these issues.

Although this list is subject to change we promise you will see these topics covered in our podcast. It may not be this week or next week but it will be covered.

Local Gaming Tournies
Competitions (Minipainters, Implit, Warvault, and others)

New Releases (Games Workshop, Mongoose Publishing, and Privateer Press to name a few)

Video Games (PS3, Wii, Guitar Hero 2, cheats, tactics, strategies)

PC Gaming (Sid Meier’s Railroads, Hitman 2, Stronghold 2, Rome: Total War, Team Speak)

Tale of X Gamers (Updates for Tau, Howling Griffons, Tomb Kings, Dark Elves, and Necrons)

Game Magazines (White Dwarf, Black Gobbo, Forgeworld)