No Comments on “28mm Samurai from museum Miniatures”

  1. ^Raven^

    The models look way cool! I checked out their website too, (be sure to allow popups so you can actually see what they’re selling, and everything is really neat.

    The Samurai models hold particular appeal to me because I’m a fan of James Clavell’s novel and mini-series “Shogun” that is a reference source for the models. Additionally, I remember playing the game Shogun, now called Samurai Swords by Milton Bradley, and always though it’d be way cool to get nice samurai models to use, paint up, and put on the gameboard instead of what comes in the game.

    A main question I have is assembly. They don’t look like they need assembly but I’ve been burned on this before. Do they require assembly? Also, is there a particular game system that goes with these models or can they be used for anything?

    I can envison them in cool dioramas, on my desk, and in Clan Wars or Warhammer Ancient Battles: Art of War. People may also want to check out the Perry Bros’,, samurai minis. Also, run by Neal Catapano has a ton of historical minis. I don’t see the samurai ones from Museum Miniatures but if enough people ask he may carry them. Check your friendly local game store too!