Absence & Return

General Douglas MacArthur once said, on his withdrawal from The Phillipines in World War 2, “I shall return” and like MacArthur to The Phillipines the CWF Game Cast has returned to the realm of internet news, blogging, radio, and podcasting.

Our absence was caused by many real life obligations. The most notable being just prior to Christmas I got engaged to my then girlfriend of almost 2 years.

Sadly, I was remiss in not sharing this wondrous news with all of you and in not explaining the then forthcoming hiatus. Now that the hiatus is over I bring tidings of great joy.

I am hard at work to devise a new schedule for the CWF GameRadio station, new CWF GameCasts, and a brand new secret project. I will have at least some of this for you by the end of the week. It has already taken far too long and I promise that an update will be coming shortly.Our Server

In our time a part our entire operation has moved onto our own server. It has more than enough space to house our current operations with plenty of room for expansion and to also host some of our friends with their own endeavors. For those who enjoy the technical aspects we are using a server from The Planet with a Pentium 4 2.4+GHz processor, 80GB of disk space on a Seagate hard drive, 1GB of memory, 100Mbps uplink and more bandwidth than you can shake a power sword at.

Additionally, to provide a better experience for all visitors we have signed on a premium server company to provide extra, top notch, support and assistance on all behind the scenes needs for our new server. This single move, plus all the additional security and modifications, has helped to make your experience on the CWF GameCast as safe, secure, enjoyable, and friendly as possible!

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We have also been at work to provide you with a better experience when listening to the CWF GameRadio. We are in the process of acquiring a top of the line software package used by most independent radio stations to stream to you. It makes our job easier in sharing the music and gaming talk with you. PLUS, it will allow you to more easily submit music requests online. At the same time we have begun investigations to get a license from the major music distributors so that we can legally share copyrighted music with you from big names like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, and many more.

For our podcasting we are lining up coverage of local tournaments, leagues, and even interviews of industry personnel. You have been dedicated fans for so long and with your continued dedication, and getting your friends to listen too, we will be able to share the Boston gaming scene. We will also be trying to upgrade our field equipment to provide better quality coverage.

In the studio we are creating a budget to upgrade from our aging Windows machine to a more friendly iMac. With the use of GarageBand and many other OS X software our podcasts…or should we say gamecasts, will sound better and take less time to complete.

You will see changes taking place and if you have any questions please ask. As always you can learn how to contact us by going to Contact ^Raven^ & Angron.

To help celebrate our return we have a deal for all you aspiring podcasters. Go to GoDaddy.com to register a domain for your endeavor. Enter one of the following codes for some great savings:

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Thanks and we’re happy to be back!

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