Warhammer Shows in College Press

California State Fullerton’s student paper, The Daily Titan, recently featured an interesting article about Warhammer entitled, Not the Green Army Men From Your Youth.

The article states what those of us in the hobby already know. Building an army is an expensive and rewarding experience that can take months. Joining leagues is a great way to get in games while meeting new people. Supporting our FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) is important. We can buy supplies, blisters, and boxes for less online but we can never game there or meet our friends there.

For two reasons the article is a pleasant surprise. First, it is nice to see the college community reaching out to itself about such a fun hobby that is a great way to relax and yet supplement school work. Painting, assembling, and writing fluff supports the attention to detail, task oriented, and creativity that one needs to thrive in college. College students also, all things considered, have a plethora of free time in which they can partake of this hobby. New gamers = new opponents and more games for the longbeards.

Second, it serves as a powerful reminder to the rest of us. It brings us back to when we first wanted to try this amazing game and knew less than nothing. We may let the game get us down when we lose. We may take it too seriously and get too involved. It is important to always remember that it is just an activity for fun and if we are not having fun then it is not worth doing.