Addendum: The Future of Gaming 2

Earlier I posted a lengthy article about the future of gaming and a new GW store opening in Illinois. In that article I mentioned a delightful blog article with predictions for 2007.

I have come across a more recent posting, May 4th on that blog entitled “Followup: 2007 Game Industry Predictions II.”

In that posting we see that some of the predictions have already come true. The author, Ryan S. Dancey, clearly knows his stuff and if the rest of his predictions come true we’ll have an interesting year of gaming.

I am particularly interested by the Hasbro development with Sony. The idea of using a CCG in that way, coupled with a console gaming system, is intriguing and innovative. If it pays off it will pay off big! Just imagine having your Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh cards come to life on your PS2, Wii, or Xbox. Or, having an expansion to Pokemon’s CCG that benefits the new games for the DS. The game play and the demand would be phenomenal.

Additionally, he has another posting on March 15th named “Followup: 2007 Game Industry Predictions” that deals with White Wolf.

Now that you’ve read my diatribe in Games Workshop New Store & The Future of Gaming plus the posts by Mr. Dancey what do you think? Is Ryan or I accurate in our thoughts? Are we full of crap? What are your predictions and thoughts?