How to Contribute to the CWF Game Cast

There’s a lot of people who visit and read the blog or listen to the podcast. I’m sure at least some of you want to know how to contribute.

Here is your To Do List. Below we tell you how to do each of these.

  1. Register your FREE Membership
  2. Leave a Comment
  3. Write a Post/Article
  4. Join Team CWF
  5. Tell your Friends about us
  6. Share our URL ( with friends
  7. Put our LINK ( in your signature (for e-mail, message boards, and more)
  8. E-mail Us Feedback
  9. Listen to the Podcast
  10. Read the Articles

1. The easiest, and quickest, way to contribute is to REGISTER as a member of the blog. This is FREE and can be done very quickly.

Becoming a member lets you post your own articles and leave comments on the existing articles.

2. This brings us to the next way you can contribute. Leave a COMMENT. When you click “COMMENT” to the left you’ll be taken to where you can leave a comment on this article. You can leave a comment for ANY article by clicking the “Add a Comment” text under any of the articles. If you like, dislike, or want to share your opinion that’s the quickest way.

3. You can WRITE a POST/ARTICLE. If you are really excited about a game or know a lot about a topic please write about it. This is a great way to spread the word about local tourneys, gaming club, stores, events, and the games you love.

4. You can JOIN TEAM CWF. You don’t need to be staff to write posts/articles. But, if you can write at least 5 articles a month (or help with the podcast) you can join the team. Team members get 10MB FREE webhosting plus a custom e-mail address. E-mail jreinhart (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.

5. Tell Your Friends about us. E-mail them, IM them, and call them. Tell them to visit for our blog. They can listen to our podcast here or even look us up in iTunes (CWF Game Cast).

6. Share our URL with your Friends. This is like #5. Be sure to give our URL of to your friends. Its easy to remember.

7. Put our LINK in your Signature. One of the easiest ways to spread the word is putting in your signature. You can do this in your e-mail, message boards, and even set it as your away message.

8. E-mail Us Feedback. We LOVE hearing from you. Good, bad, and ugly we’re happy to hear from you. Your feedback helps us to improve. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think. Be sure to include CWF in the subject line.

9. Listen to the Podcast. You can listen here. You can listen in iTunes (search for CWF Game Cast and subscribe to get all our episodes). You can find us in FeedBurner, PodCast Alley, Podcast Pickle (complete directory of episodes), Digital PodCast, Podcast Directory, Podnova, (complete directory of episodes), PodShow, and Yahoo! Podcasts.

10. Read the Articles. There’s a lot to read here. Take your time and read it all. Start with the ones from July 2006 and work your way to the current ones. Check out what the rest of the staff (Angron, Janshi, Steve, TheGamer, and I) has to say too! Don’t forget to read all the Announcements.

That does it. Hope to see each of you getting involved and contributing to the CWF Game Cast soon!