Have: New Blood Angels Want: Paint Them Like I Got a Pair

Before I get into this article I have to apologize for the title.  It is funny to a small group of people because it draws inspiration from the Have/Want threads on Bartertown and the end references the heavily used phrase from Privateer Press.

GW has released the new Blood Angels codex inside of the White Dwarf magazine.  This, I’m sure, will encourage gamers to pick up some Blood Angels and give the army a go.  Flames, power armor, marines, and 40k.  What’s not to love?

However, painting the Blood Angels that special red can be a daunting task.  Ask any mini painter and they’ll tell you that red is one of, if not the single, hardest color to paint correctly.

Luckily for all you guys and gals we have a painting tutorial to help you make your Blood Angels look their best.  This comes to everyone courtesy of MiniPainters.com and Necromancer Tales Miniatures.

Head over to Tutorial: Painting Red for a step by step, with corresponding photos, guide to painting this sanguine color.