War @ Sea: 8/1/07 100pt Tourney @ Battleground Games

On Wednesday, 8/1/07, at 7ish pm (between 7 and 7:30ish) the first ever War at Sea Tournament will be held at Battleground Games in Abington.

The tourney has a $5 buy in cost that will go towards prizes. The tourney is 100pts and uses standard official War at Sea rules. The Rules Clarifications are available at http://wargamingforums.com/downloads/War_at_Sea_Clarifications.pdf (the pdf requires the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. You can get Acrobat Reader for FREE HERE).

Rule Set: You need the Advanced Rulebook (zipped PDF), it comes with the Starter box, and the Rules Clarifications to play. The Quick Star Rules (zipped PDF) can help you learn how to play if you haven’t before.

Prizes: All participants will receive 1 Promo War at Sea ship. The winner will receive the total $$ in store credit. The more people who play the more store credit you can win. If 3 people play then it is $15 store credit, 10 = $50 store credit, 20 = $100 store credit, etc.

Fleet Restrictions: All normal fleet restrictions and regulations take place. No fleet can exceed 100pts.

Points: Your fleet cannot have more than 100pts of models.

Questions: Visit the official Battleground Games forums: War @ Sea Tourney: 8/1/07 thread.