War @ Sea: Better Tokens?

War at Sea Token Set

In War at Sea the tokens, that come with the starter box, are quite important. They denote damage, alert to crippled and destroyed vessels, mark objectives, and even state when aircraft is aborted or re-arming. All in all the tokens are bloody useful and nicely made. However, they do have a drawback that every serious gamer needs to consider. The tokens are thin cardboard that is difficult to pick up from the map. This dexterous task is further enfeebled when trying to prevent the map’s disarrangement.

Some players on the official War at Sea forum are discussing better tokens from a premier online retailer. The company, Litko Aerosystems, is a poor man’s GF9 that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Litko has agreed to make a set of War at Sea tokens, top left at full size, for a reasonable price of $20 if they get 25 pre-orders.

At first glance it may seem a waste of money instead of trying to do it yourself. But, after looking at their existing product (see the custom tokens below) and especially their token sets it is easy to see that $20 is a good deal for everything included in the War at Sea token set.

All the products made by Litko are really nice. Just look at their token sets to see what I mean. Before you pre-order the War at Sea token set (40 tokens for just $20 USD) there’s 1 thing that may be a downside for some gamers. The tokens are not licensed and that mans they cannot have any official War at Sea logos or icons on the tokens. I think that doesn’t matter at all in this case. Who really needs some logo on a token that says my carrier is sunk? Not I.

Be sure to place your pre-order now for the nice token set.