Starting WoW CCG

Today I picked up a Dark Portal starter of the World of Warcraft card game. I’ve seen it in action for some time and it looks quite interesting. I’m usually a sucker for a fun CCG and after picking up some new Magic cards I thought I’d give WoW a shot.

I’m one of the few people in the world who has never played WoW but that’s a topic for another time. The card game gives me a chance to play WoW…in a way. Thumbing through the rulebook has the rules reading like most CCGs these days. With a one on one demo from a nice person at Battleground I’m sure to catch on quickly.

For the rest of the world below is my starting deck along with the 2 boosters included in my starter box. I’m sure there will be many opinions on how good my starting, pre-constructed, deck is. I’m eager to hear them all. I’m especially interested in what sets people like best and will work best with what I have so far.

Starting Deck – Alliance

  • 1x Anchorite Kalinna (HERO)
  • 2x Apprentice Merry (ALLY)
  • 2x Durdin Hammerhand (ALLY)
  • 1x Field Commander Olinnae (ALLY)
  • 2x Jeleane Nightbreeze (ALLY)
  • 2x Kavai the Wanderer (ALLY)
  • 2x Pithran Mithrilshot (ALLY)
  • 2x Scaramanga (ALLY)
  • 2x Valanos (ALLY)
  • 1x Warden Ravella (ALLY)
  • 1x Brainwash (INSTANT)
  • 2x Greater Heal (ABILITY)
  • 1x Mind Vision (ABILITY)
  • 2x Renew (INSTANT)
  • 1x Crimson Felt Hat (ARMOR)
  • 1x Will of Arlokk (2-HANDED WEP)
  • 2x A Donation of Silk (QUEST)
  • 1x The Dying Balance (QUEST)
  • 2x Finkle Einhorn, At Your Service! (QUEST)
  • 2x Inoculation (QUEST)
  • 1x The Scourge Cauldrons (QUEST)


  • 1x Ruby Gemsparkle (ALLIANCE HERO)
  • 1x Apprentice Merry (ALLIANCE ALLY)
  • 1x Cerwyn (ALLIANCE ALLY)
  • 1x Gertha, The Old Crone (ALLIANCE ALLY)
  • 1x Kavai the Wanderer (ALLIANCE ALLY)
  • 1x Lilnas the Calm (ALLIANCE ALLY)
  • 1x Primalist Naseth (ALLIANCE ALLY)
  • 1x Pagatha Soulbinder (HORDES HERO)
  • 1x Debros Cousin-to-Moon (HORDES ALLY)
  • 1x Greefer (HORDES ALLY)
  • 1x Julia Grave (HORDES ALLY)
  • 1x Tiril Dawnrider (HORDES ALLY)
  • 1x Hootie (NEUTRAL ALLY)
  • 1x Overseer Oilfiste (NEUTRAL ALLY)
  • 1x Piztoge (NEUTRAL ALLY)
  • 1x Blessing of Sacrifice (INSTANT)
  • 1x Cyclone (INSTANT)
  • 1x Desperate Block (INSTANT)
  • 1x Intercept (INSTANT)
  • 1x Rake (INSTANT)
  • 1x Righteous Vengeance (INSTANT)
  • 1x Shadow Word: Death (INSTANT)
  • 1x Conjured Sparkling Water (ABILITY)
  • 1x Killing Spree (ABILITY)
  • 1x Scorch (ABILITY)
  • x Mugger’s Belt (ARMOR)
  • 1x As the Crow Flies (QUEST)
  • 1x Manhunt (QUEST)
  • 1x Raene’s Cleansing (QUEST)
  • 1x A Refugee’s Quandary (QUEST)