Battleground Weird War II – Wargaming in a World Gone Mad

The world as we knew it ended at midnight on January 1, 1945…


Battleground Weird War II is a series of modified rules that are compatible with Easy Eight Enterprises’ Battleground WWII System. The scale is in 25mm-28mm or 1/48-1/50.

In this game, you will battle for survival in an alternative 1945 world. The Earth has been involved in a global war for the last several years and now it seems that mankind’s cruelty, savagery and suffering has triggered an event of biblical proportions in which creatures from all of Earth’s religions, myths and folklore now inhabit the world.

Sea monsters attack and devour ships, winged monstrosities roam the skies, the dead return to torment and feast on the living and the hosts of both Heaven and Hell wage open warfare in plain view of a horrified humanity.

Science and technology advance at a furious rate and unnatural alliances are struck in attempts to stem the tide against humanity’s supernatural foes. These are the end times and humanity is struggling to survive in a world that has truly gone mad.

This is the time of Weird War II… (click here to visit site)