Halo Clix

Just the other day a new game entered the Clix realm…Halo Clix. Or as they’re officially known…Halo Action Clix.

Before I get into a diatribe on Halo Clix I’m going to bring all of you. Yes, I’m bribing you with the below comic from Penny Arcade (all rights reserved and owned by them to the comic). Click the comic for a closer look.

I’ve yet to play the game but it seems simple enough. The sculpts look really nice and it isn’t expensive at $10 for a blister of 10 guys, with a map, and the rules. I’m most excited for the game to use the clix as stand ins for playing Frag.

I’m sure there’ll be appeal for Halo players, no I’ve never played Halo, but I don’t expect the game to make a big splash. I buy a lot of clix stuff and have a hard time seeing non-Halo fans buying into the game.