American Leadership & War Animated Map

A former co-worker and friend of mine recently clued me into a great website showing maps, and animated maps, relating to war. Since this is a wargaming website I’m sure the maps will be of interest to you wonderful readers. From time to time we’ll share a map and do our best to tie it into gaming. By nature some of these maps will be political but I will limit that as much as possible.

The first map we’re sharing is American Leadership & War courtesy of Starting with the Founding Fathers, thank you Daddy Washington, the map shows the wars/conflicts America has been in and the casualty total. It compares the political parties (Founding Fathers, Democrats, and Republicans), color coding, and at the end shows which president was in office for each bloodshed.

What party do you think got us into the bloodiest wars? You may be surprised.

Did you guess correctly?  If nothing else this map shows many more conflicts than most people even know about.