Inside White Dwarf #334 Nov. 07

Wondering if the new WD is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #333 covers. There’s plenty of great High Elf coverage along with a kickass assembly walkthrough for the new plastic Baneblade.

Also included is a 15 page Gift Ideas booklet with holiday gift suggestions covering 40k, Fantasy, and LoTR.

  • Chosen of Asuryan p. 27 New High Elves
  • Design Notes p. 28 “We talk to Adam Troke and find out what delights can be found within the latest Warhammer army book.”
  • Battle Report: Invasion of Yvresse p. 46 “An Orc horde sweeps across the realm of Yvresse, and Ulthuan’s finest ride to stop them!”
  • New Releases p. 2 “All the latest models from the Citadel forges.”
  • News p. 22 “Waaagh! The Space Orks are coming!”
  • Standard Bearer p. 66 “Jervis looks at the High Elves, and discusses the finer points of games design.”
  • Citadel Toolbox p. 69 “In this special extended Toolbox, we look at the brand new Citadel Hobby Tools range.”
  • Cities Shall Fall! (Part One) p. 74 “Andy Hoare presents the first part of an apocalyptic cityfighting campaign.”
  • The Lord of the Rings Tactica: Monsters p. 80 “Mat Ward reveals some fiendish ploys.”
  • Modelling Workshop: Baneblade (Part One) p. 86 “Getting the most out of the Baneblade plastic kit, by master modeller Mark Jones.”
  • Eavy Metal Masterclass: High Elf Prince p. 94 “The new High Elf Prince gets the expert treatment.”
  • Chicago Golden Demon p. 100 “The best painters from Chicago Games Day!”
  • Frontline p. 116 “The latest events and activities near you!”
  • Ordering Direct p. 130 “Taking the effort ot of shopping.”