Star Wars Minis: Battle of Hoth

Long time fans of the Star Wars Minis game will remember when the big Hoth AT-AT, see below & click the pic for a closer look, was released. This lumbering giant, the largest model for the game, prompted numerous stores to run Battle of Hoth events. I know that a very successful one was held at Battleground Games in Abington.

Now, you can run these events again with more flavor and ease. The Battle of Hoth Scenario Pack (click the pic for a closer look) is coming out featuring a re-painted AT-ST, Hologram General Veers, Snowspeeder, and other figures. This includes 17 non-randomized figures (2 very rare, 6 rare, 4 uncommon, 5 common), map, rules, life counter sheet, and a d20. I’ve only seen this, so far, online at Arcane Miniatures where it is retailing for 31.50 GBP (MSRP of 35 GBP).

I am sure it will be coming to US retailers and at a lower price than the conversion of $73.19. I’m guessing that this set will retail in America for $44.99 or $49.99. That’s not bad when you think about it. It has two huge figs, plus 1 exclusive fig, and a ton of rares.