White Dwarf #335 Quick Picks

We scoured the new WD and have chosen 5 Quick Picks for your perusal. If you hate reading the entire mag, have a short attention span, or just want the best here’s 5 sections you can’t miss. Our top pick is the Middle Earth in Flames.

Don’t forget to read the complete table of contents for WD #335 from our article Inside White Dwarf #335 Dec. 2007.

  1. New Releases – The Blood Bowl Omnibus p. 8. Blood Bowl is a great game and being able to read three great novels combined into one for $11.99 is a great buy.
  2. Apocalypse Battle Report – Valley of Blood p. 18-37. The Apocalypse batreps are incredibly reading. This one shows a game played at a level most players can mimic. I want some Area Denial Nodes.
  3. Middle-Earth in Flames p. 40-49. Campaign rules are always fun reading. Roughly 26% of you guys love to play in leagues. There’s something about a league that breathes life into a game. Map campaigns are really good at this and this is a great introduction to LoTR campaign play.
  4. Golden Demon 2007 p. 66-75. Some of the nicest painted models I have ever seen. I love the France, Italy, and Gamesday LA winners.
  5. Ordering Direct p. 130-135. There are some great gift ideas for all price ranges. Now is to buy what your favorite gamer wants.