Merry Christmas Mr ^Raven^

Merry Christmas and 1 day to all you wonderful gamers.  By now you’ve opened your toys, looked them over, played with them a bit and can’t wait for more.  This Christmas I didn’t receive any games but I did receive a wonderful, brand spanking new, iMac.  Hurrah!  This will allow me to get back into podcast, it has iLife and therefore GarageBand.  For the time being I took a few pictures of my new computer to share this wondrous occasion with all of you.

Please enjoy the photos below.  Everything was set up in no time.  But Windows had almost 100 “high priority” security updates.  It took a few hours to install Windows and do all the updates.  I got sorta used to not dealing with that while using the G4.  I’ll be using both machines now with my iMac as my main.  I can boot into XP for playing games or using Office for school.  Or, I can use OS X for other things.  While I game or am in Windows I can use my G4 to search the net.


The monitor on the left is a Dell LCD.  I got that a few years ago for Christmas.  It is hooked into my Mac G4, which is under the desk.  The big monitor on the middle is my new iMac.  In front of that is my new Mac keyboard.  To its left are my Altec Lansing AHS headphones that I use for podcasting.  To the far right is my Dell notebook.


This picture shows my entire computing workstation.  The drawer is pulled out and you can see my G4 keyboard to the left, the new Mighty Mouse in the center, and a Walmart mouse pad I got free in college with my new Logitech mouse on top.


This is a good close up of my G4 setup.  In front of the monitor is my Buddy Christ, from Kevin Smith’s Dogma.  To its right is a Mallrats Inaction Figure of Brody Bruce that my fiance gave me.  Under them are two batteries to replace flashlights for when I read manga at night.  To their right is a small Transformers Starscream figure from the Armada series.  Next to my headphones is a blue CD case with a Pepsi logo on it.  I got that from an old Pepsi points program.  It is filled with every Dave Matthews Band album I can get my hands on.

This is a close up of my iMac.  It is a 20 inch monitor with 1GB of memory and over 250GB of disk space.  It has a decent graphics card, it runs on OS X Leopard, and I used Boot Camp to install Windows XP Home on it too.  To the right of the monitor are some Protectorate of Menoth models from the Warmachine game by Privateer Press.  They are the ones in the core box for Menoth.


This is a close up of my Dell laptop.  It is sitting on a cooler fan to keep the temperature down.  It gets really hot and without the added fans it could overheat.  On top of it is a printed out version of a PDF on J’t’p’tan from the new WotC d20 Star Wars RPG.  Plus, there’s some CDs I’m listening to and a remote for my stereo system where I listen to WBCN.