Combat Storm Building Pack Video Tutorial

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So you are one of the people who downloaded the free building pack. Now, you can use some help assembling that bad boy. Its basically straightforward but a tutorial can iron out the kinks. Luckily Dave Reiter, lead designer of Combat Storm, has created a Youtube video tutorial for the building kit. It spends roughly 8 minutes to assemble the middle eastern building. But, the other items are assembled with the same method.

If you haven’t gotten it yet remember you can download the free building pack. This pack lets you make one middle eastern building, barricades, and a stone wall. Print it out a bunch of times and you have a small town. You need the FREE Acrobat Reader from Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the building pack. I have version 8.1.1 for Mac OS X Leopard and the building pack shows perfectly!

Once you have that all printed out, be sure to follow the directions in the building pack, you are ready to watch the tutorial shown below.