White Dwarf #337 Quick Picks

We scoured the new WD and have chosen 5 Quick Picks for your perusal. If you hate reading the entire mag, have a short attention span, or just want the best here’s 5 sections you can’t miss. Our top pick is the Conquest of Empires article despite the gigantic error on p. 62 with the incorrect web link. The correct URL is http://us.games-workshop.com/news/whitedwarf/WD337/WD337.htm. Shame on you GW for this huge gaffe.

Don’t forget to read the complete table of contents for WD #337 from our article Inside White Dwarf #337 Feb. 2008.

White Dwarf 337 Title: White Dwarf 337 Date: Feb. 2008 Cost: $6

  1. The Serpent Kingdom: Battle Report: Strike of the Serpent! p. 36-55. Nice batrep to showcase the Harad releases. It is nice to see GW bring the focus back to LoTR after all these months of 40k and Apocalypse. Makes me want to see Return of the King again.
  2. The Horus Heresy/Interview: Dan Abnett p. 56-59. This at a glance of all the Horus Heresy novels is worth the peek. The informational blurbs help to encapsulate each novel. Dan Abnett’s interview provides some wonderful insight into the Black Library and all this fluff.
  3. Conquest of Empires p. 60-65. I’m a sucker for campaign coverage. I used to love reading the old articles about people’s fantasy campaigns and I also love the Mighty Empires kit. This snapshot of the GW studio campaign ends too soon. I wish they could have spent more time with a monthly installment. But, this is quality. Only downside, and its a big one, is the huge gaffe with the wrong URL.
  4. Modelling Workshop: Imperial Baneblades p. 88-95. When Apocalypse first came out Baneblade variants were shown across the net. This article shows how treadheads can convert their baneblades to fill the perfect niche. There’s something for everyone regardless of skill. The behind the scenes on Yarrick’s Fortress of Arrogance makes this worth reading all its own.
  5. Advance Orders p. 118-119. Shiny new product always leaves us with some drool on our mouths. But, this month it is very close to home. In case you couldn’t tell by my last podcast I am a Vampire Counts fanatic! The peeks of the upcoming Vampire Counts releases makes me very happy.