2/28/08 Podcast Delayed

There’s been some problems with the cable at my house the past couple days.  The internet and tv is intermittent and my dvr isn’t working.  I hate not being able to record my favorite shows like Dirty Jobs and Shin-Chan.  Thankfully RCN will be out to do repairs today.  Unfortunately that will happen between 2 and 5pm.  I normally record the podcast and do all its post-production between 3 and 5pm every Thursday.

The repairs will cause the cable to be wonky and I can’t record a podcast while the tech person is doing the repairs.   Therefore the Podcast will be delayed.  Once the cable is repaired and the tech person scoots out I’ll be able to record the show.  I apologize in advance for the delay and any problems this causes.

The podcast will be a fun one.  We shall talk about Total Confusion XXII again this time giving a recap of the convention based on e-mails from those who were there.  We will also do a special bit that has been funny with our friends at the Star Wars Sim Forum.  I’ve gone into hysterics over my iMac reading aloud text on the screen and was enticed to make some recordings of it.  We will share a bit where my iMac reads the funniest quotes from the Holy Trilogy (the original 3 films in Star Wars) according to The Force.net.  As usual we’ll have news and music for you.  It’ll be a fun time once the cable is fixed.