Server Move Complete

This was originally posted on Thursday March 20th. The reason why the date is different is a result of having to fix a problem with the blog after the big move.

Hello everyone. We are proud to announce the server move is completed. We are now located on our account with BlueHost and up and running. There have been some hiccups and there are still some problems. But, we’re working to fix what we can.

Most noticeable was our downtime from Tuesday until today. The move happened ahead of time and conflicting tech support information resulted in the downtime and lots of headaches. If it wasn’t for my friend Shane the mess will be continuing. Also, you’ll notice that in the move we lost some key features. The theme may not work the same as before, the widgets (things in the sidebar) are different and/or missing. We don’t have the widgets that showed our podcast feed information, our polls, the post ratings, or any of the great widgets that set the blog apart from the crowd. We also don’t have the same settings for the blog that we did before.

We are starting from scratch, in many areas, which is a major headache. But, we do have all the posts and key data from before. So, all the articles and the tags are still here. We can still write articles and we can still podcast. There are some bumps to fix with Podpress, the plugin that makes our podcast available to everyone, and natually there is no podcast today.

This move has been a lot to digest and it had its ups and downs, mainly downs, but we’ve come through it with battle scars that result in a better blog and podcast. There are a lot of great opportunities with BlueHost and we can’t wait to make the most of them. We apologize to everyone for the changes, alterations, and problems. There is a loss of features and some functionality but we are working to fix everything as quickly as we can.