WP 2.5 Woes

There are a lot of nice features in WP 2.5.  The increased stability and functionality are also major boosts.  But, there are also some drawbacks.  For us, there has been a very irritating problem when using the Write Post ability.

That is a major concern because that is the way we communicate on the blog.  When writing a post an error message is given by the web browser saying there is an unresponsive script.  This is caused by the custom fields, which many plugins use to enhance functionality.

WP 2.5 instituted significant changes to how plugins work and interact with WordPress.  Our problems became pandemic when we upgraded to WP 2.5.  The benefits outweigh the negatives as far as our usage of the new version.  But, in order to make the blog usable for people to write new posts we had to take away some of the features.

We have removed two key features and modified another.  It is no longer possible to rate articles.  It is also not possible to read an article and see related content listed at the bottom.  Both of these created hundreds of custom fields, each, that triggered the error.

Additionally, we experienced major problems with podPress and became quite perturbed.  Podpress is a plugin that enables us to podcast and share the podcast with all of you.  We have deleted the plugin and done a fresh install to restore functionality.

All of our actions have resulted in a 99% success rate.  When using Firefox we still receive the unresponsive script error.  But, it does not show in Safari and we expect it won’t show in Internet Explorer.

You can view the blog with any browser.  But, if you are going to write posts we recommend using Safari for Mac and IE on Windows machines.  We continue to look for a complete solution but this will have to do for the meantime.