War at Sea: Task Force Card Scans USS California & USS Missouri

This is the first part of our Task Force picture gallery series featuring card scans War at Sea and we’re starting with two great American ships.  We begin with the USS California and USS Missouri

The “Mighty Mo” as the Missouri was called had a brilliant career during WWII and beyond (including the Gulf War).  It holds several distinctions being the final battleship produced by the United States, serving as Admiral Bill Halsey’s flagship in the final months of the war, and being the location where Japan signed its official surrender.

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The Mighty Mo was awarded 11 battle stars tying it with sister ship USS Iowa.  The Missouri had a crew of 2,700 officers and men who expertly staffed her.  Her armament made her a feared opponent and consisted of:

9 x 16 in (406 mm) 50 cal. Mark 7 guns

20 × 5 in (127 mm) 38 cal. Mark 12 guns

80 x 40 mm 56 cal. anti-aircraft guns

49 x 20 mm 70 cal. anti-aircraft guns

She is now a museum ship.

The USS California was a member of the Tennessee class of battleships being the final one commissioned in 1921.  It was refitted for World War II and played major roles in the Invasion of the Phillippines, most notably at the Battle of Leyte Gulf, and the action at Okinawa.  She served as the flagship of the Pacific Fleet until 1941.

During the attack at Pearl Harbor she suffered major damage and settled into the mud.  Over 150 of her crew were killed or wounded in the attack including Medal of Honor recipient Petty Officer 1st Class Robert R. Scott.  Scott later, in 1943, had a class of destroyers named for him.

The California was decommissioned in 1947 and ended her life sold for scrap in 1959.

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