A Year Ago Today: August 2007

Sometimes called a blast from the past, or remember when, we have our own time traveling series titled A Year Ago Today.  This shows you what we were doing on the blog one year ago.  We started this on February 7, 2008 in our enhanced podcast, now on hiatus, in Episode 30.

You could say this is us being lazy.  “They don’t have anything new to write so they’re resurrecting old crap nobody cares about anymore.”  Won’t argue with you because it is pointless and there could be some truth in statements like that.  Instead we’re pushing onwards.

One year ago today we were hyping the High Elves in Warhammer Fantasy.  Our article, GW Fantasy High Elves Sneak Peek, showcased pics of upcoming models to whet your appetite.  Most eye catching was Alith Anar the Shadow King.

WFB Alith Anar Shadow King
WFB Alith Anar Shadow King

Now this year the Dark Elves, the evil relatives of the High Elves, have their new army book after such a long wait. All Druchii must be utterly pleased with the development and especially those at Druchii.net, who were pivotal in the development.

It is funny how little has changed 12 months later.  We were talking about WFB Elves last August and we’re still discussing them this August.  Go figure.