Flames of War: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Tournament Video

Yesterday at Battleground Games in Abington a massive Flames of War tournament was held using the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre rules.  A total of 7 players participated with 4 Allied and 3 Axis players.  The Soviet Union and United States were represented with infantry and paratroopers en masse.  The Wermacht and SS were represented on the Axis side with a plethora of infantry, artillery, and tanks.

We captured the battle in over 70 photographs.  Instead of sharing them with you in their traditional form we have created a video slideshow of the pictures set to music.  Please watch the video below.  We hope you enjoy it.  If you are running an older computer or one with low memory we suggest you download the video here.  Streaming the video may be too much of a toll on your machine.  Otherwise we hope you enjoy the video and we look forward to your comments.  Please continue reading for the video.