Imperial Literature: We’re Back!


Hello there!

I am Consadine from Imperial Literature, and with the blessings of ^Raven^, I will be dropping by every so often to share updates and some of the happenings around the site.

What I am here today to share is that Imp Lit has been born anew with a great look and dedication to quality fiction.  For those of you not familiar with the site, Imp Lit started out as a Games Workshop fan fiction website that has been operating since circa 1998.  The latest version of the site has seen a broader range of stories to be considered for inclusion in the archive.  This means that Science Fiction and Fantasy stories, Games Workshop related or not, are welcome at the site.

And so are writers of any experience level!  While Imp Lit’s community is small, this means you have a better chance of getting quality feedback on your story.  On top of that, the Monthly Writing Workshops (MWW’s) are back, a new one showing up the 1st of every month.  A MWW is where a theme, sentence, or idea is presented to members, and they will then write a story as long or as short as they want based off the guidelines.  Very easy, simple, and lots of fun!  I encourage you to have a try at it, even if you think yourself not that great a writer – we all have to start somewhere, after all.  Starting in June and continuing for every month afterwards, one or two stories from the Critique section will be put before the community like a lamb before the lions for intense review and scrutiny.

While we welcome anyone who wants to put in a honest effort, not every story can be published.  What sets Imperial Literature apart from other repositories of science-fiction and fantasy fiction on the Internet is the quality.  This is the precident that the site was founded on and has continued to be upheld throughout the years.

If you are not a writer but still enjoy good stories, check out the ever-growing archive.  If you’re familiar with Imp Lit and wondering where all the stories are, there is a reason why you don’t see your favorite story.  With the new look to the site has come a restart concerning the public archive.  Every Monday and Thursday will bring a new story to the frontpage for your enjoyment.  These new stories are automatically added to the archive, where you can search by author, tags, genre, or keywords.  I guarantee that the I’m Feeling Lucky button will not disappoint, either.

Thank you for your time,


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