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How to: Contact Wizards Customer Service

You just bought the latest War at Sea booster, opened it in excitement and found that one of the models does not match the corresponding stat cards.  You freak out and worry how to rectify the problem.  We’re here to help. First you need to take a deep breath and… Read More»

War at Sea: Flank Speed Stat Card Gallery

This is the complete Task Force Picture Gallery. It shows all cards personally scanned in by me at 600dpi per card. Please note all our stat card scans (including these) are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share alike 3.0 Unported license (as is everything on this blog). You must adhere… Read More»

Miniature Market Review Prompts Company Reply

The owner of Miniature Market is a nice man named Steve who sponsors the Axis & Allies FORUMINI.  He sent me a private message (PM) on that forum letting me know he read my review and he also took the time to reply to the review. I try my best to… Read More»

Miniature Market Review 82%

Miniature Market is an online retailer selling a variety of games and gaming supplies.  A lot of the Axis & Allies ForuMINI members are huge fans and as a result of the increased business Miniature Market has graced forum members with exclusive coupons. One such coupon took $5 off when… Read More»

War at Sea: Flank Speed 200pt Multiplayer

On Wednesday September 3rd four of us gathered at Battleground Games in Abington to play a massive 200pt multiplayer game of War at Sea.  We wanted to focus on the units released in Flank Speed. Admirals Adrian and Cary brought a coordinated Axis fleet from the mighty Third Reich and… Read More»