Monthly Archives: October 2009

Space Hulk Limited Edition: Thoughts

Recently a friend of mine purchased the Space Hulk Limited Edition and invited me to square off in a 1 vs 1 match.  I’m familiar with the second edition of the game and thought it’d be fun to play this limited edition.  It was. There’s been a lot of hype… Read More»

Server Move = Potential Downtime

We are hosted by BlueHost, which is a wonderful hosting service for blogs running WordPress.  They have informed me that they will be moving us to another less populated server within 48-72 hours.  The server we are currently on is getting fuller and BlueHost wants to ensure that they provide… Read More»

War at Sea: Flank Speed Stat Card Movie

I thought it’d be fun to do something special for everyone who loves the digitized War at Sea cards I’ve shared.  We recently finished digitizing the Flank Speed stat cards and they look incredible (I know I know…self praise is no praise). Using my iMac I crafted a movie slideshow… Read More»