Monthly Archives: July 2010

WW2 RPG Demanded

World War II games are some of the most popular and best-selling regardless of format and venue. Simply look at the shelves of your nearest video game, computer game, and FLGS to see that this genre dominates video games, computer games and board games. Furthermore, Baby Boomers are the largest… Read More»

Civilization Revolution for iPad

Recently, I purchased two things that make the iPad more desirable than ever. The first is the Apple wireless keyboard, which is how I am typing this blog. The second is Civilization Revolution for the iPad. Civilization Revolution has a free version, which gives a nice taste where gamers play… Read More»

Social Vibe: Help Support American Red Cross for FREE

I am taking a break from blogging about gaming to discuss a very serious topic. I want to talk to you about the American Red Cross. When the BP Oil spill started, the American Red Cross was there to help the millions of people who lost their livelihoods. When Katrina… Read More»

No Game Night Tonight = Thanks Digital Dads & C.C. Chapman

Wednesday nights are game nights. I play World of Warcraft CCG (we raid), War at Sea, or Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition. Tonight’s game night is being canceled, which is a shame because I would be playing with WAS: Condition Zebra for the first time. As with most things there… Read More»