Flames of War Succumbs to Price Increase

Two years ago Battlefront Miniatures promised to not raise prices on their Flames of War products. They held true to their word until today. As of August 9, 2010 FoW products will cost more to buy. In a press release Battlefront cited enormous gaps in national currencies and the U.S. recession, which acts like a wet blanket for the global market as key reasons for this price increase.

We strongly applaud Battlefront for holding out as long as they have. It surely caused them to suffer limited profits, which is why companies like Games Workshop raise prices at the drop of a hat.

Additionally, Kiwis and Aussies will have separate price structures. John-Paul, speaking on behalf of Battlefront Miniatures, said:

As part of this move it is time to acknowledge that the Australian and New Zealand currencies are not close anymore and the impact of having these two prices the same no longer makes sense. The direct result is that we will not be changing prices in Australia at all but will be creating a new price list for New Zealand.

You can find the new price structures below (costs given in local denominations).

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