Civilization Revolution for iPad

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Recently, I purchased two things that make the iPad more desirable than ever. The first is the Apple wireless keyboard, which is how I am typing this blog. The second is Civilization Revolution for the iPad.

Civilization Revolution has a free version, which gives a nice taste where gamers play a full campaign. You can then choose to install the HD version for iPad, which sells for $12.99 in the App Store.

At first you may balk, like I did, at the price. Thirteen dollars is not much less than what this should sell for as a standard computer game. I strongly recommend that you do not wait the several months I did before downloading this app. It is worth every single penny and is one of the most well crafted and addicting apps I’ve used for the iPad.

It makes solid use of the iPad tap and drag features to enhance gameplay. It is not just a scaled down version of Civ 3. It is a well crafted Civ game designed specifically for the iPad. Revolution is evocative of the best Civ games and translated into a mobile package taking up less than 130 megs of space.

Regardless of your iPad’s internal space, you should always make room for this app. You will not regret it.

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