Battleground Games Announces Plainville Store

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Derek Lloyd, the owner of Battleground Games & Hobbies, announced the opening of a second store in Plainville on the Foxboro border. Lloyd made the announcement in a press release on the store’s Facebook group and on the store’s online message board.

Big news! We are excited to announce that Battleground Games & Hobbies is expanding! The lease is signed and we will be opening a second store at 25 Taunton Street, Plainville, MA (near Attleboro/Foxboro). A September 1st opening is planned, followed by a Grand Opening Celebration shortly after. The new location will have all that you’ve come to expect from our Abington store and more: a clean, well-stocked, diverse game store that works hard to provide a comfortable, inviting environment for the community to enjoy.

The second location will be run by longtime employee Chase Laquidira who is no stranger to manning the helm. The affable and easy-going Chase is sure to welcome old and new gamers to the shiny new store. The store is about 1,600 sq feet and is organized in a square box shape. There will be six or more gaming tables with plenty of long cafeteria style tables for CCGs (like Magic and WoW). The only negative aspect is the lack of a predefined RPG space similar to the legendary back room at the Abington location.

Battleground regulars are already dubbing the new location Battleground South. Your’s truly will be calling Battleground South his new gaming home. BG South will be less than 20 minutes from my new home whereas BG East will become 45 minutes from my home. If you play the WoW CCG or War at Sea and will be frequenting this new location, then please get in touch with me. I’ll need to setup new gaming groups as I’ll be leaving my existing ones behind.

We hope to have pictures as soon as I can get to the new location and get exterior shots. If you have any then we’d gladly share them, with proper attribution to you. Please use the Contact Us form in the sidebar to reach me or send an e-mail to

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