Battleground Games Replies to Review

Battleground Games & Hobbies was newly reviewed and awarded the first ever CWF Game Cast 100% score and second ever Editor’s Choice (the first for a brick and mortar store). Derek is the superstar owner of Battleground Games. I sent him a link to the review and he e-mailed me some remarks.

I always share the unedited comments from those discussed on this blog. Although this may be my soapbox, it is important for it to provide a reliable and balanced world view. Below is Derek’s e-mail.

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you so much for such a glowing review! I truly appreciate how much time and effort you put in to expressing all of the things that has made Battleground such a special place for so many of us to spend so much of our time. When I began my journey into the gaming industry eight years ago, I could not have foreseen the unexpected rewards that opening this game store would bring. Like most people who choose to enter this industry my decision was based more upon my love of gaming than anything else. That passion, as it turns out, took a distant second to the real reward. Watching the community build up around Battleground has been a very humbling and unique experience for me. I now realize that just being around people who love gaming is what I truly care about. And how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many great people who have come to care about the community of Battleground as much as I have. The friendships that have been formed there and the people I have met are what make the games we love worth playing.

Your review also comes at a very important time for the Battleground organization. As you mentioned, we are expanding by opening a second store in Plainville, MA in early September. The new location brings me a step closer to my vision of creating the perfect game store. Opportunities related to size and layout have presented options that were unavailable at our previous location. I think that we are building something really amazing at the new site. The only ingredient that is missing, the part that doesn’t come readymade, is the new community. That part, we must build. And we intend to do just that; by providing the same type of service and dedication we aim for at the Abington location.

There are more changes planned as well – all of them good – and we’ll be addressing each one of the critiques you mentioned in your review. These critiques are more valuable to me than the praise and I thank you for pointing them out. They are, I agree, all accurate. However, I also must admit they are problems that I am happy to have!

Once again, Jonathan, thank you for taking the time to express so eloquently the reasons why Battleground earns such high marks in your eyes. Here’s to the next step in the journey!

Derek Lloyd
Owner of Battleground Games & Hobbies