FREE Papercraft Terrain

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My wife and I finished moving into our first apartment. This move caused a disruption in my usual blogging, for which I apologize. However, I’m getting back in the swing of things. To kick off my return to blogging I’m sharing some free papercraft terrain courtesy of GHQ Models.

GHQ is the maker of WWII Micro Armor and many other fine products. To accompany their myriad games they have crafted quality papercraft terrain. You can use this with any of their or other publisher’s games (like Combat Storm). The papercraft terrain is all in PDF files, which requires the free Adobe Reader to use and open.

Before trying out any of their free papercraft terrain you should read their Tutorial (also a PDF) on how to assemble this terrain. Once you know how to construct the terrain download and use whatever you need from their list.

GHQ Models – Free Stuff (papercraft terrain is at the bottom of the list)