Flames of War: Battle of Berlin @ BG Plainville

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Today the historical gaming group from Battleground Games fought the Battle of Berlin using Flames of War rules and miniatures. I photographically documented this epic battle in 140 images. A photo slideshow will be forthcoming.

Many thanks to everyone who participated, to all for allowing me to photograph this splendid game, and to Sam for allowing me to charge my iPad at the store.

Battle of Berlin Mission

Mission Special Rules:

Delayed Reserves, Limited Fortifications, Intense Battle, Preliminary Bombardment, Prepared Positions, Street Fighting, Total Air Superiority


16’x6′. A 6’x6′ city board (Berlin) flanked on either side by 5’x6′ rural boards. The whole board will be divided into two fronts; East and West.


American, British and Commonwealth forces deploy on the west side of the board up to 3′ in from the short edge.
Russian forces deploy on the east side of the board up to 3′ in from the short edge.
German forces deploy in the center of the board up to 56″ from the centerline. German players must hold at least half of their army in Delayed Reserve. Germans deploy first and in prepared positions.

Army Builds:

1,500 points Late War
Only one Army per front can have Aircraft.
German players deploy their army on one front; they can’t split their army between the two fronts.
Delayed Reserves get deployed within 12″ of the centerline of the mapboard upon their arrival.
Germans have 36 points for fortifications on each front only; no Basic Fortifications.

There are 150 pictures below. Before clicking “continue reading” be sure you are not on a dial-up internet connection. These 150 pictures will be resource intensive to load.