First Flames of War Game

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Tonight was Flames of War night at Battleground Games in Abington. It also was my first game of Flames of War.

I have worked on a mid-war Panzerkompanie for a very long time but don’t know how to play the game, never played a game, and am still in the process of compiling my force. Tonight changed two of the three albeit slightly. Five of us gathered, including fellow newcomer John G., for 600pt games of FoW.

After watching Adrian and John C. battle it out (Germans vs. Russians) I got a chance to field part of my Panzerkompanie against John’s commies. My very first game did not go well at all. My tanks took heavy fire from the Russian tanks with their 32 inch range guns. Things became very messy when his fearless conscript infantry assaulted my tanks. The game was messy, quick, poorly played on my end, and very educational. I quickly agreed to a rematch.

The second game went better. I destroyed two tanks, killed half of the Soviet infantry and still lost the game. But, I was picking up the rules and learning the gameplay overview. John is a patient and wonderful teacher.

Below you will find a gallery of pictures from tonight. They’re split between pictures of Chris and John G.’s game and Adrian and John C.’s game followed by pictures of my first two games. Before anyone mentions it I do know that my force is built using Ostfront and not Eastern Front. I have ordered that book. I also know my force is a mid-war list and the paint scheme is earlier war gray. I considered the yellow paint scheme but know I cannot do it justice and would become so discouraged that I would not play. I am an awful painter and the gray scheme is easy enough for me to manage and remain willing to paint.

Thanks again to John C. for running two demos, to Adrian for letting us use his terrain and me use his objective marker, and to Chris for his advice and insight into a German army.