War at Sea: Fleet Command Renamed, Box Art Available

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The fifth set of War at Sea has been officially renamed. It was previously known as Fleet Command to distributors and online vendors. In an interesting name choice Wizards of the Coast has interestingly enough renamed the set V, which is also the Roman numeral for 5.

The set officially releases January 2011 (Amazon says January 11, 2011 but they traditionally push back the release closer to that anticipated date). Gamers can pre-order now and in fact can get a great deal from our sponsor, 12-7-Games, when pre-ordering this set. Wizards is keeping the MSRP at $14.99 per booster in this 39 model set. You should also ask your Friendly Local Game Store to stock this set. I know that The Whiz in Westborough, MA and Battleground Games & Hobbies in Abington and Plainville will carry the new set.

I’m very proud to share the below box art (originally seen on Amazon).