The Whiz Saves the Day

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Recently I visited The Whiz, Rte 9 East in Westborough, to peruse their hobby supplies and Flames of War product. They stock the complete line of FoW and have at least one, if not one unit size, of every single product available for purchase (with very few exceptions). If they don’t have a product then they’re very willing to special order it.

I’ve been in need of the Flames of War German Infantry Paint Set in order to paint my Panzergrenadier platoon and the infantry in my Scout platoon (plus tank commanders on all my tanks). Battleground Games & Hobbies was not able to get this in stock. None of the other retailers I checked had it and none of the online vendors could supply this. I thought all hope was lost until I heard back from Chris Walsh, owner of The Whiz. He told me that they had one copy in stock but that it was open and missing one paint bottle. He offered to reorder the missing paint bottle and give me the rest now so I could begin work.

True to his word he re-ordered the missing paint, which should be soon arriving and will notify me of its arrival. The Whiz is a two hour commute, round trip, from my home but only 30-45 minutes from my job. It is truly worth spending those two hours in traffic to peruse their shelves and chat with Chris and his wife Lynne.

While there Chris gave me the 411 on Flames of War, showed me a Dunkirk table he’s making for TempleCon, shared advice for the game, helped me find much needed paint supplies, told me that FoW Art of War 2 (focusing on German forces) is not being reprinted and The Whiz has the last 2 copies in this part of the world, and listened to me talk about this blog. He is a stand-up guy who genuinely likes the hobby and his business. Like every great store owner he is a great listener and also places the customer at ease.

I want to give a major thank you to Chris and everyone at The Whiz for saving the day. Without their help and stellar customer service I would be at an impasse. Whether you’re looking for Flames of War or a friendly game store where the customer is king then The Whiz on Rte 9 East in Westborough must be your first stop. They truly are experts when it comes to Flames of War; gladly going that extra mile.